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All Star Cheer

All Star cheerleading differs from traditional school cheer largely because of its focus on competing. There are no games to cheer at, no spirit-raising and most of the athletes on each team will not even attend the same school. You'll notice that we refer to the participants as "athletes" rather than by any other name and that's because of the caliber and intensity of training that they do on a weekly basis to be able to contribute to his or her competitive team.

Unlike school cheer or dance where there are normally only one or two teams for the highest skilled athletes, most all star programs typically have a place for everyone, regardless of skill level. The teams are placed into divisions, which are based upon age, size of the team, gender or participants and ability level. Coaches will typically train their athletes on individual skills and team components for months before choreographing routines that combine those skills together to be judged against other teams in their division.

Does everyone make a team? 
Yes!  We have a place for anyone age 3-18 years old who would like to join a competitive cheerleading team!  Our main focus is to have fun and enjoy being a part of a team but, oh yeah, we still win a lot too!

How much will it cost? 
SilverJax All-Star fees are among the lowest in the area!  Fees vary depending on many factors (start date, division, level, etc.).  Please call or email for pricing and payment options.  

Many of our All-Stars earn most of their fees from Sponsors or by Fundraising!  SilverJax offers fundraising options most months of the season.  Any money that you earn goes directly to your family fees - not to the gym or the squad!  

Where do you compete? 
SilverJax works hard to keep our competition schedule local with minimal travel expenses around Columbia and the Carolinas!  Traveling can be expensive and interfere with school so we always take advantage of local competitions! 


How do I start? 
Our All-Star season starts each May, with competitions from November to March.  Call to register for our all star classes now. Evaluations and team placements will begin June 1st!

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